YSA Battle Add-on – Spread State

This is an infection!!!

Last update: 14/12/2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Version: 1.00

Download here: Script

Another small script ~

This will make a skill become spread state, which means it will spread a/some state(s) from a target to another battler (all Actors or all Enemies). Use these tag:

<spread ally: x, x, x, …> or <spread enemy: x, x, x, …> or <spread ally all> or <spread enemy all>

That’s all :3

Lunatic Objects is back! I love you Yanfly 😡

Sadly, the script I’m going to release tomorrow is fly so far… I have just replaced it with another script and CTLR + S.

FUCK HOT KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 comments on “YSA Battle Add-on – Spread State

  1. Hm, sorry for almost spamming here, but I wanted to make another suggestions. 🙂 Maybe you can apply the state also to the skill caster himself/herself? Would that be much work? Because then you could cast that skill on an enemy that has a lot of buffs and basically copy them onto yourself. Or maybe actually STEAL them (copy onto yourself, delete from target). Well, just suggestions, I thought maybe this is quite easy to implement and you just did not think about it. 😀

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