YEM – Battle Engine Melody version 1.01

The first update is here! Well, nothing special yet, you can check new feature and how to use in text file version_history.txt.

And please, run the demo at least one time and read the message when start a new game.


PLEASE FEEDBACK if you meet a bug. If you want to have some new feature, please feedback too.

The last time I say, I’ll update Melody until YEA (Yanfly Engine Ace) is nearly done, or Melody is converted to Ace. Thank you.


========= Download here =========


6 comments on “YEM – Battle Engine Melody version 1.01

  1. I really love Melody, but I’m also waiting to see what battle engine YEA offers. I have a feeling that it can surpass BEM.

    Great work on the updates.

    • Of course it can surpass BEM, but I think there are some people still want to use VX, and some want to finish their project that using BEM, so I’m still updating this. But this will end when YEA is nearly finished.

  2. I encountered a bug while test the demo: with the screen resized, choosing to use an item or skill on a character (from the menu) will bring up the character selection menu in the default position. This cuts of the right side of the background menu and they only come back when you exit to the main menu.
    This is probably an easy fix but I’m still learning how to script.

  3. Two major bugs I’ve noticed with the YEM script for which I can’t seem to get a fix:

    A) If a monster runs out of MP in the ATB mode, the game will freeze

    B) The Res/Dex script… It does not factor in enemy levels whatsoever – and you cannot use the enemy’s level as a multiplier when setting the growthrates. Setting growthrates in the enemy levels script itself also does nothing for these stats.

    Hopefully you’re able to fix it! 🙂

  4. Oh – I should add that the battle system freezes in ATB if a foe is silenced, as well – Basically anything that prevents them from using a skill in their list of abilities will freeze the ATB. It’s a really fatal flaw 😦

  5. Can someone please, please upload this demo again? I’ve changed a script in my YEM and something went wrong, now my project are stucked :/ although, just the YEM Battle Engine Melody V will solve the problem. Someone please help me!

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